Ride connected

into the future


One of the greatest challenges in the automotive industry’s history of over 100 years is digitalization. The role of the automobile is changing dramatically. Power, speed and breath-taking acceleration are becoming less important. Additionally, the value of a car as a status symbol is decreasing. Customers want connected cars and are willing to pay for connected services, thus causing the necessity to develop new and innovative business models to remain attractive to customers and perform successfully on the market.

In the automotive industry, it is unthinkable to not consider digital data from Sales, After Sales, Production, financial KPIs from intercompany comparison, auditory data of retailers, and car registration figures. These already form the foundation of strategic decisions.

Digital networking of cars through embedded SIM cards opens up a multitude of unexpected possibilities and opportunities. The next generation of mobile networks (5G), which is expected to be market-ready by 2020, will facilitate data rates up to 10 Gigabit per second. That is 10 times faster than the current LTE standard and will offer new opportunities for real-time data transmission. According to a McKinsey survey, the share of customers willing to switch their car brand for better connectivity has almost doubled from 20 percent in 2014 to 37 percent in 2015. It is to be expected that this share will continue to grow. These figures clearly show the exceptional opportunities in this new business area.

We lead the digital shift through intelligent and innovative IT solutions. As a reliable and competent partner, we will collaborate with you to develop new business models and ensure a smooth transition. Digital data is the most important resource of the 21st century. We help you to profit from it for your business success.