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The logistics sector is subject to strong competition in a highly fragmented market. In order to secure market shares and be a step ahead of the competition, the pressure to innovate is higher than ever before. Our industry expertise in logistics, combined with our IT competence in AI, big data and industry 4.0, will help you set defining accents in the area of digitalization and prepare for the challenges that tomorrow’s logistics will entail.

Digitalization, e-commerce and mobile solutions present logistics companies with a great opportunity for new business models. However, they also pose major challenges to the execution and transformation of existing processes.

Our project experience includes support and implementation of innovative IT solutions for globally leading companies. Combined with our well-founded IT competence – especially in inventive areas, such as AI, big data and industry 4.0 – this experience will aid you in successfully mastering the digital transformation and safely preparing for the future.

Our Service


Our range of services includes consulting, development, operation and maintenance of innovative IT solutions in the following areas, amongst others:

  • Supply chain – optimization of the value chain, using innovative big data, business analytics and predictive analytics solutions
  • Smart logistics solutions – mobile application development for the efficient support of all operating areas
  • Innovative e-commerce solutions for order and booking management as well as quotations
  • Real-time reporting, using big data analytics
  • AI solutions for automatic, predictive optimization of fleet management, disposition and resource planning

Bring your digital supply chain to the next level.