You insure people

we secure data


We combine our passion for digital solutions with our specialist skills in all relevant areas of the insurance industry, to optimally support you during the process of digitalization. Here, we always examine the complete business process, in order to analyze individually suitable digitalization steps, as well as find, implement and integrate “best-in-class solutions”. Due to the holistic view, optimal solutions can quickly be found, implemented and integrated.

By means of Data Analytics and Business Analytics new insurance products can be created, which can be adapted swiftly and flexibly to market changes. Complex insurance products and special solutions are thus efficiently representable. Thereby, all data that affects tariff structure, insurance premiums, commissions and risk pots can be taken into account. With the help of international portals to end users as well as support systems for “digital facilitators”, new and competitive sales channels can be created. Significant improvements can also be made in the area of claims management with our innovative AI-solutions, which have a hugely positive impact on the combined ratio.

Thereby, we always put a high emphasis on data security and keep any potentially changing data protection guidelines in mind. Internal processes also hold potential for optimization, which can be exploited through digitalization. Legacy systems in which sub-processes are still completed manually should be replaced and standardized, to remain competitive in the future.

We here at birkle IT are convinced that we can create added value for your company through our agile digital solutions. Therefore, we provide advice and support you in developing unique solutions that fit your existing IT concept.