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Industry 4.0


Industry 4.0 as a combination of advanced production and operations techniques with smart digital technologies to create a digital enterprise that would not only be interconnected and autonomous but could communicate, analyze, and use data to drive further intelligent action back in the physical world. It is a way of thinking that combines physical and digital technologies with each other. As a business owner, you have to make decisions about which segments to automate and which not.

In a 2020 survey of more than 2,000 C-suite executives across 19 countries, the topic was taken into focus. The report mentions that as companies face these new realities, leaders are seeking the right approach to four key areas critical to Industry 4.0: strategy, societal impact, talent, and technology. They found that some companies, particularly those with a comprehensive Industry 4.0 strategy, are performing well while others lag behind. birkle IT can help you move into the exciting world of Industry 4.0.

To make starting your journey in the domain easier we hereby highlight our competencies in the technology area: 

Cloud architecture of IoT

Optimization algorithms & machine learning


The three mentioned branches are tied with big data and analytics as the collection and comprehensive evaluation of data from many different sources will become the minimum requirement going forward.

The cloud enables more data-driven services with fast and powerful technologies. For example for an industrial IoT client with thousands of IoT devices, we designed the AWS cloud using 20+ products and developed centralized multi-tenant IoT management software. We also created demos, PoC’s and MVP’s on these systems. It was all preceded with a thorough analysis of their current infrastructure and needs, we compared possible cloud providers and products, after which we were able to suggest the most suitable solutions.

We have experience in optimization algorithms and machine learning. Continuous feedback with the client is a natural part of our way of working. For example, for a recent client, we created an ML algorithm for object detection. The aim of the project was to develop an algorithm that is capable of tracking multiple objects in real-time in a video stream and provide this information to the Control Processing Unit. 16 HD camera‘s provided a 360° overview, the object tracker had to process multiple video streams in parallel at reasonable energy consumption. A bounding box was drawn around all objects (localization) and their identified category (classification). There were 4 main metrics to measure the performance of the object tracker that was agreed upon, namely MODA, MOTA, MOTP, and latency.

Working hand-in-hand with our clients, birkle IT helps organizations plan and execute an integrated cybersecurity approach to harness the power of information networks to enhance business operations, increase mission performance, and improve customer support, without compromising security or privacy.

Our Services


  • In cloud architecture of IoT we assess your IoT cloud infrastructure, design cloud architecture for your IoT ecosystem, develop software to manage your IoT data and devices and/or convert to multi-tenant environments.
  • We provide optimization algorithms and machine learning where our process comprises data acquisition, data preprocessing, model training, model testing, and model improvement.
  • In cybersecurity we have different packages to choose from, depending on your organizations’ needs. We do black-box testing, grey-box testing, and white-box testing. We have the competence to evaluate infrastructure-, software-, and process compliance. Furthermore, as the biggest risk factor of IT security is human we offer on-site training.