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Outsourcing is a common trend in information technology and other industries. Businesses outsource services that are seen as intrinsic to managing a business and serving internal and external customers.

Outsourcing software development services can save you time and money, while also giving you access to an enormous amount of technical talent and ability.

For small companies, this means having the opportunity to partner with a robust software development team at a fraction of the cost of employing full time workers. For bigger companies, it provides access to hard-to-find software engineers with highly specialized software development and technical skills.

One of the key decisions, however, is to decide which to opt for: nearshore software outsourcing or going offshore?

Here are three reasons why nearshore software outsourcing is the smarter of the two choices:


Ease of communication is vital to achieving a successful outcome and obstacles. Language barriers or a different time zone between client and provider can be a real handicap. Offshore companies are often on the other side of the world and will sometimes have an onshore point of contact to facilitate communication, but even this isn’t ideal. 

Nearshore Location

One of the key benefits of nearshore software outsourcing is that the software development team will be close enough to make communication straightforward. If someone is developing an app on your behalf you want to be able to reach them without going through a third party, or having to wait a few hours until they get to the office!

Nearshore companies take less time to get to than offshore firms, which can often be as much as a 12 hour flight away, with connecting flights involved. If you want to meet face to face with the development team before you give the go-ahead, a nearshore firm is easier to reach, and will cost you less in terms of time and money.

Cultural Affinity

The biggest advantage lies in similar cultural values, which allows both vendor’s and outsourcing company’s staff to work in an atmosphere of complete understanding of development needs. That decreases the chances of misunderstandings that may pop up during cooperation and shortens time to market because development is streamlined and troubleshooting time is reduced.

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